Photon MLC

The new Photon MLC from PE collimators

Photon MLC 3D
Photon MLC 3D

Developed and manufactured with the MLC specialist Euromechanics GmbH – includes all features needed for a successful upgrade of any given LINAC without an integrated MLC. With a smooth integration into the clinical environment and adaptations to Elekta, Varian and Siemens machines, 3D CRT and soon even IMRT treatments are now available for everyone.

Specs & Dimensions

Max. energy6 MeV Photon
Linac modelsAll common LINAC vendors*
Total height< 10 cm
Total weight< 30 kg
Field sizeup to 24 cm x 34 cm**
Number of leaves60
Leaf height63 mm
Leaf resolution7mm**
Leaf materialTungsten
Absorption> 98 %
Cross travel50 %
CommunicationDICOM RT control interface / Beam on/off
Mountingsupporting trolley for easy 180° mounting available
Developed, manufactured, tested and CE – certified inGermany
*Work in progress
**At Isocenter for 80cm SAD
***Source Ø 20mm, 85cm SAD, depth 10cm, 10cmx10cm field at 100cm
****Tested for Theratron 80cm SAD, other adaptations on request


  • 60 individually controlled leaves
  • Single focus with rounded front ends
  • Tongue-and-groove design
  • Independent position measuring system
  • DICOM-RT interface to TPS
  • Upgradeable to IMRT treatments
  • Mountable on weight - constrained Linac heads